Quitters Stories

The stories below are real life quitters who tell their true stories about how they successfully stopped smoking and how they used the free support.

If you have quit smoking and would like to tell your story please drop us a line on info@smokefreelifenorthyorkshire.co.uk

Betty 74  Skipton North Yorkshire had been a smoker for over 50 years and was determined to quit. With support and NRT she has now been a non- smoker for 12 weeks. 

 Carol 50, North Yorkshire despite having a husband who is a heavy smoker has managed to be smoke free for 9 weeks with support from our advisor in Harrogate.

John a north Yorkshire resident  has mental health issues. He had tried to stop smoking several times and been through the system on more than one occasion. With the support from the advisor who went the extra mile he is now 45 days quit. He is spending the money he has saved from not smoking on adding to his CD collection. 

I have been attending your stop smoking clinic for the last 6 weeks which was due to  a referral from my GP as a result of some health issues. 

I have been smoke free for over 5 weeks and in a nutshell I feel great,  my health issues are now non-existent and my general well being has vastly improved. 

I now have more free time which is a big plus for a young-ish man with a family and also it has made my family very happy that I am now a non-smoker.

I have tried to stop numerous times in the past using a variety of methods and have always ended up restarting, this time feels different because of your help and support and  I think I’ve finally cracked it. 

From the first meeting I found you supportive and reassuring, I went to the first clinic feeling apprehensive but you were very positive in your approach and that has helped me immensely. 

I have struggled in the past with finding a replacement therapy that has suited me but with your guidance and advice what you recommended seems to be doing the trick.


I would strongly recommend your stopping smoking clinic to any smoker that I know as they would receive the great service that I have.




John Smith

"It was really good to have someone working with me on my mission to be Smokefree. Coming every week to see the advisor was so instrumental in succeeding. For me it wasn't about being monitored, it was about staying motivated."

Colin, Harrogate

Danielle is 21 years old, lives with her mum, step dad and younger siblings. She'd been a 20-a-day smoker for a few years.

"My mum smokes in the house and so do any visitors who smoke. I was 16 weeks when I found out I was pregnant. When I first saw my midwife she referred me to the Smokefree pregnancy service. I got a text and they phoned me, but I did not answer. I tried to cut down and then stop on my own. I managed two days and found it really hard and started smoking again. That's when I asked my midwife to contact the advisor again. This time I arranged to meet her at a local children's centre."

"I wanted to stop because it was not my baby's choice to smoke".

I'm so glad I did quit. I found the advisor's support really good. We talked about all sorts. I could ask any questions. The information really motivated me, especially on carbon monoxide and how it affects my baby.

Since stopping smoking I have more energy and can get up in the morning. Before, I stayed in bed until lunchtime. I felt my baby grow and move more when I stopped smoking. I have saved bags of money. Lots of people have noticed the difference in me and say I look really well.

I have really enjoyed going to see the advisor at the children's centre. They're friendly and chatty. They signed me up and let me know about classes. I am attending the antenatal classes and then I will attend the post-natal ones when I've had my baby.

I've told my mum everything about second-hand smoke and the effects on the baby and everyone in the house. Now she smokes outside and changes her coat and washes her hands when she's been outside for a cigarette. And all visitors to the house now smoke outside, too."

Danielle, North Yorkshire

"I'm a young mum with a little girl and I've stopped smoking with the help of the local stop smoking service. I come from a family of smokers and I wanted to break that pattern: I don't want my daughter to become a smoker. Having more knowledge and information about what quitting is about and the treatment I received was really important for me. I liked that I could see the advisor locally and also to have text messages of support. It reminded me what I was aiming for and helped me to keep going. The advisor's encouragement reinforced how positive I feel about being quit."

Sherri, Skipton (North Yorkshire)

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